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These Are My Leave Me Alone Sweatpants Screen Print Transfer

These Are My Leave Me Alone Sweatpants Screen Print Transfer

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Transfer Size: 6 X 9"

Ink Color: White and Pink

Our screen print transfers can be applied to any cotton/cotton-blend material, polyester,

Our screen print transfer is perfect for creating unique and professional-looking designs on any material.

Our transfer sheets are easy to use and require no special equipment, just a heat press and a the blank!

Simply print your design onto the transfer, and then press it onto the material of your choice.

The result is a beautiful and lasting design. With our screen print transfer, you can create custom designs for any project and make it look like a professional job.

Please note: This is a single color Screen Print Transfer Only. The shirt is not included

 Single Color Pressing Instructions

  • Temp: 335 - 350 Degrees
  • Pre-press your garment 7-10 seconds to remove any moisture
  • Place your transfer face down (design side down)
  • Make sure your transfer is centered to garment
  • Press at medium to heavy pressure for 7 seconds
  • Peel transfer while still hot

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