Master SKU Template

Master SKU Template

This is the template we use at TCB for keeping track of SKUs we have for all our inventory. 


This tab is where we keep all the SKUs for the physical products we sell, You will see a RAW Material section. This is the SKU the product gets before we press any design on it. Once we press the design, it becomes a finished product and we add a decimal and the design number at the end of the SKU.


The color/finish key is where we keep track of all the colors and finishes we have for all the products we offer. On the Raw Material SKU, the dash followed by the two numbers is the color & finish. This is how we can easily tell if it's white and glossy, matte, or shimmer, etc. 


Every time we add a new design to our shop, it gets assigned a number. This is how we know what number to add to the end of the Raw Material SKU once it has been pressed. 

NOTE: We ONLY move inventory from RAW MATERIAL to FINISHED GOODS when we make extras to have on hand for shows, ready to ship, etc. 



This is a simple template that you will likely need to build out to fit all your products/needs


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