How To Develop Your Brand Identity

How To Develop Your Brand Identity

What Is Brand Identity?

Don't overthink it, brand identity is literally the identity that your brand portrays to your audience. It's the EMOTION that your audience feels when they see your brand. People make connections based on emotions so, it is important to remember that your brand is not just the aesthetic that your brand has but, the way your brand acts to help develop relationships with your customers. 

So, imagine your brand as a person. How do they dress, talk, act, what colors do they wear? Are they a little on the funny side or, more serious and professional. Picture it in your head. That's your brand and that's how you will want to your brand to act in all your content, photos, interactions, etc. When replying to customers on social media, keep your brand identity in mind. Staying consistent is important so that customers will easily recognize you in the future. 



Choose your brand colors. Choose 3-4 colors that clearly define your brand. Don't just choose colors, write down the HEX # so that you use the SAME colors in all your branding materials included, social media posts, thank you cards, website, mockups, etc. 

Using the HEX # will keep all your content consistent and will lead potential customers to start easily being able to identify your brand when they see your color(s). 


Choosing a logo can seem a little overwhelming but, it doesn't have to be. Start with some core elements that your brand represents. What do you want people to think of when they think of your brand?

Simply do a "brain dump" and write down everything that comes to mind when you picture your brand. Then start choosing the elements that are most important and start piecing them together. 

It's ok to look to other brands to see what their logo looks like but, do not copy. It's important that you make your brand YOU. I recommend staying away from generic "font generators" and come up with something that is simple yet, unique and stands out. Keep your fonts consistent with your brand identity.

If you still are having trouble with designing your logo, think about hiring a designer to help. Provide the elements or the vision and work with that designer until you get something you LOVE. You need to love your brand so don't rush this part and don't be afraid to outsource this part.


How do you want your customers to FEEL when they see or interact with your brand? Now, here's the tricky part: HOW do you make them feel that way? 

Interact with your audience the way that your brand would act. Make promises and keep them, this is what is going to help create brand loyalty. People tend to want to belong to a "tribe" so, start building that tribe. Once you get people to feel loyal to your brand, it will be that much easier to make sales and build those relationships.


Branding is a process, it doesn't happen overnight. You will build and build and build and keep bringing awareness to your brand and what it stands for. Keep building those relationships. Soon enough, your audience  will start to recognize and associate your brand as long as you are staying persistent and consistent! You got this shit!

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