Four Things That Will Help Sell Your Products To Other Businesses

Four Things That Will Help Sell Your Products To Other Businesses

You have a quality product, you know how to make that product, you can even put a local business's logo on it and you're ready to sell it.

Here are a few things you will need to help close those sales!


First and foremost, it needs to be EASY for a business to order from you so, if you don't have one yet, start designing a "how to order" flyer. This flyer should outline the exact steps they would need to take to order from you. Will it be through email and invoicing, do you have a listing setup on your website - if so, be sure to include the link or QR Code (hint, you can generate QR Codes through


The best thing you can do is be honest about pricing up front so, the business will know what to expect in terms of pricing. Will you offer wholesale pricing? Will you offer quantity breaks? Lay it out clearly for the business so they can easily see the products you offer. Print it out on your flyer so you can swing in local businesses and drop it off. 

When designing your flyer, remember to make it eye-catching and easy to read. As you know, business owners are busy so, the quicker to the point, the better.


Be sure to clearly depict how long a business can expect production to take.

And no matter what, always make sure you at least get a deposit before you take an order! It's always best to try and collect the full payment up front but a 50% deposit may make it easier to get those first few orders. 


Of course, this can get a little costly but, the best way to stand it is to make samples for local businesses. Make something with a lower cost with THEIR logo on it and drop it off with your "How To Order" Flyer and Pricing List. This will be sure to grab attention


Don't be shy about stopping in local businesses. Every one has to start somewhere. And once you land those few sales and you do a phenomenal job like I know you will, word will get around that there is a great local business that makes high quality products. You'd be surprised how quickly word spreads when you're an organized, put-together business! Good luck and have fun with it!

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